Case study

Plumbing company in Chicago, IL

+ 927 %


+ 19

Calls per week

+ 410 %

Search traffic

- 21

Average position

- 17 %

Bounce rate

+ 97 %

Conversion rate

Project overview.

The client is a plumbing company that has been in business for over 10 years. They have a strong presence in Chicago, IL but were looking to expand their reach online. When they came to us, they were not happy with their current SEO provider and felt like they weren’t getting the results they needed.

We took a look at their website and saw that there was definitely room for improvement. We worked with them to create a new SEO strategy that would help them increase their visibility online and attract more leads.

We were able to help them turn things around by developing a targeted local SEO strategy that helped them rank for key terms in their industry. Within just a few months, they started seeing an increase in website traffic and leads.

In the first 6 months of working together, we increased their traffic by more than 400%. We helped them improve their ranking for their key terms, resulting in more qualified leads coming through from search engines. The client was extremely happy with the results we delivered and continues to work with us on an ongoing basis to maintain the results.

Our process.

Step #1

Understanding the client's local market.

Step #2

Setting up the monthly budget.

Step #3

Starting the local SEO campaign.

The challenges.

Client wasn’t satisfied with their current provider. They had originally signed with another SEO company. After several months, they saw little to no results, and they decided to switch to us.

They had very specific goals: drive more phone calls and online form submissions from potential customers on their website; improve their organic search ranking for the key terms; reduce their cost per lead from $70-$120 down to the $20-$50 range.

The strategy.

We did an extensive analysis of their website and found they were using outdated SEO techniques. So we focused on the key areas that needed to be addressed in order for them to start seeing improvements in their rankings. The result was a complete website overhaul, on-page optimization, and a link building campaign.

First, we fixed some technical issues with the site’s structure and organization. This helped Google index the site more effectively and made it easier for users to navigate.

Next, we focused on improving the quality of the site’s content. We added new landing pages, as well as updated existing pages to make sure they were optimized for target keywords.

Then we started to built links to high-quality websites in order to increase the authority the website.

After implementing these changes, we saw a significant increase in traffic from organic search within just a few months.

Executing the strategy.

After the first 2 months of our SEO campaign, our client already saw an increase in phone calls from potential customers in their area.

After working with us for several months, they saw significant improvements in their organic traffic. Their website now ranks on the first page of Google for several key phrases related to their business. In addition, their conversion rate has doubled, and they are now generating more leads and sales from their website on a daily basis.

They had previously been relying on paid advertising to generate leads, but shifted its focus to SEO after seeing the success of other businesses in their industry who were ranking highly in Google search results.