Content Marketing for a Local Service Business.

Content marketing for a local service business can improve your visibility in search and bring new local customers who are interested in your services.
Content marketing
Content marketing can bring valuable traffic to your website.

If you’re doing SEO for your website, content is king.

If you’re targeting the right keywords and properly optimizing your pages for those keywords, your content can rank on the first page of Google and bring valuable traffic to your website.

Creating a content strategy is a complicated process that can easily scare you away from using it for your business.

But it’s not really that complex.

Let’s explore what content marketing is, how your business can benefit from it, and how you can create a content marketing strategy for your website.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content is the production and distribution of useful and relevant content for your target audience to expand, involve, and retain your audience.

A proficiently executed content marketing plan can effectively promote your brand and help distinguish your business when potential customers are deciding what to buy.

Numerous types of content can be used in content marketing, such as blog posts, emails, newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, ebooks, and videos.

These formats allow businesses to connect with their target audience through various channels and platforms, providing valuable information and insights that can increase brand awareness, build trust, and foster engagement.

We will focus on SEO content as it is the most efficient way to market your product or services to your local target audience.

How Can Local Service Businesses Benefit From Content Marketing?

With content marketing, you can effectively reach your target audience and establish authority in your niche.

On your website, you probably already have your service pages.

The next step is to create content around your services pages that is relevant to what services your business offers.

When someone says content marketing, they often refer to pages with informational intent—your blog post.

And if you know what kind of questions people interested in your services have—what they search on Google—you can target those keywords in your blog posts and rank on the first page for that query.

This approach will bring valuable traffic to your website—people who may not be ready to buy but are looking for information that directly relates to the services your business offers.

And by providing those answers, your business will establish itself as an authority in the niche in the eyes of your potential customers.

It will also establish itself as an authority in the eyes of Google—something that is called topical authority—and your website will rank higher in the local search results for your commercial keywords.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for a Local Services Business?

To create a content marketing strategy for your business, you simply need to find relevant questions that people, who would be interested in your services, have.

Let’s say we need to find content ideas for a photo studio.

The best way to find ideas for our content marketing strategy is to use People also ask.

Search for “how to find a good photographer” on Google, and it will provide you with related questions:

Content marketing ideas from People also ask.
Content marketing ideas for a photo studio from People also ask.

You can use a Chrome extension plugin SEOMinion to quickly download hundreds of People Also Ask questions into a spreadsheet.

Sort those questions to find the most relevant ones.

You should come up with a list of at least 60 article ideas for your blog.

Final Words.

Finding the best ideas for your blog is only the beginning.

Now, you need to create content that Google will love to rank in the search results.

To do this, you need to know how to properly optimize your page for a keyword.

Consider reading our other articles to learn more about on-page optimization.

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